BIM File Download


SZ-2 Architectural Wire Mesh

This digital download pack provides wire mesh textures for Revit and other rendering software. This Banker Wire SZ-2 mesh download includes a Revit Material library, specification sheet, and multiple color and material finishes for your render.

The architectural wire mesh SZ-2 by Banker Wire skillfully blends satin and shine, highlighting the robustness and uniformity achieved by our heavy-duty crimpers. This distinctive wire mesh pattern boasts a compressed appearance, making it versatile enough to serve as the focal point or a background element in your design. The mesh is exceptionally strong and dense, yet not completely opaque. Ideally suited for applications such as railing infill panels, cladding, screen walls, and canopies, the SZ-2 pattern offers a unique solution for your project. Trust Banker Wire, the global wire mesh leader, will collaborate with you in crafting something extraordinary. Render your next architectural project with accuracy by downloading our BIM file of SZ-2 wire mesh.