BIM File Download


PFZ-53 Architectural Wire Mesh

This digital download pack provides wire mesh textures for Revit and other rendering software. This Banker Wire PFZ-53 mesh download includes a Revit Material library, specification sheet, and multiple color and material finishes for your render.

The architectural wire mesh pattern PFZ-53 embodies the precision and expertise derived from over 125 years of weaving experience. Toolmaking plays a crucial role in orchestrating the alternation between dense and open wire placements. Weavers, armed with precise loom settings, skillfully navigate the varied forces involved. Collaboratively, the Banker Wire team crafts an architectural wire mesh pattern that stands apart. The interplay of dense and open mesh bands forms a captivating visual experience. Explore the PFZ-53 in your next project to appreciate its unique reflections from light sources and the intriguing shadows it creates. Render your next architectural project with accuracy by downloading our BIM file of PFZ-53 wire mesh.