BIM File Download


M14Z-5 decorative wire mesh

This digital download pack provides wire mesh textures for Revit and other rendering software. This Banker Wire M14Z-5 mesh download includes a Revit Material library, specification sheet, and multiple color and material finishes for your render.

The decorative wire mesh M14Z-5 is crafted using a Dutch-style warp wire and a pair of helically crimped fill wires. The uncomplicated wire shapes come together to form a genuinely unique wire mesh pattern that elicits both excitement and a calming effect on the senses. This mid-fill architectural wire mesh pattern offers versatility, with options to weave it in various alloys and finishes. Base alloys include stainless steel, bronze, brass, and weathering steel, while secondary finishes such as plating enhance the depth of the pattern. Render your next architectural project with accuracy by downloading our BIM file of M14Z-5 wire mesh.