BIM File Download


IPZ-25 Architectural Woven Wire Mesh pattern

This digital download pack provides wire mesh textures for Revit and other rendering software. Included in this IPZ-25 mesh download is a Revit Material library, specification sheet, and multiple color and material finishes for your render.

The IPZ-25 architectural wire mesh design is a straightforward, lightweight, and reasonably priced option that maximizes the strength of stainless steel. By employing distinct wire diameters for the warp and shute, it achieves balanced stiffness in both directions, and the intercrimp surface imparts a high degree of reflective energy to the material. An appealing contrast emerges when incorporating a copper-based alloy (Bronze, Brass, or Copper) with the stainless warp wires, creating excitement in design due to the interplay of color and diameter differences. Render your next architectural project with accuracy by downloading our BIM file of IPZ-25 wire mesh.