BIM File Download


DF-1 architectural wire mesh opaque pattern

This digital download pack provides wire mesh textures for Revit and other rendering software. Included in this DF-1 mesh download is a Revit Material library, specification sheet, and multiple color and material finishes for your render.

The DF-1 architectural wire mesh features an opaque weave with a bright embossing technology applied to traditional flat top cross wires. The blend of old and new weaving techniques in DF-1 creates a lovely faceted cladding product, the facets of which only deviate slightly from the plane of the fabric, creating unique reflective patterns at a near-perpendicular viewing perspective. This asymmetric fabric is often attached to a rigid backer panel for vertical and horizontal surfacing, thus making it a beautiful and unique choice for elevators, lobbies, airports, and retail environments. Enrich your next architectural project by downloading our BIM file of DF-1 wire mesh.