Updating the look of Cabinetry

May 25, 2023

Banker Wire M13Z-293 being used inside refinished cabinets

Custom-made cabinets greatly impact a room’s total appearance and speak to the overall design and aesthetic. Renovating is an opportunity to ‘go bold’ and let the combination of metal and natural woods become a star design component. As you are defining your preferences for custom cabinetry, adding metal mesh will provide light reflectivity and a unique atmosphere.

While we have some clients who enjoy selecting unique colors and stains, there are a great many who prefer a more traditional look and feel for their cabinets. The Banker Wire M13Z-293 in a stainless steel finish complements the dark finish of the intricate woodwork. In addition, the woven wire mesh provides the ability to see the contents inside the cabinets while providing an elegant finished look.

Banker Wire’s unique lock crimp tool design is the basis for M13Z-293 pattern. The distinct, pre-crimp process Banker uses during manufacturing creates precise patterns featuring straight sections of wire with highly defined crimps at the points of intersection, lending itself to a smooth appearance to complement woodwork in the cabinetry. In addition, the unique tooling allows for scalable patterns in both square and rectangular orientations to suit architectural applications that require both form and function.

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Fabrication: Chilmark Cabinetry