Stockholm’s Latest Restaurant Features Modern Interior Design

Brasserie Deck | Stockholm, Sweden

November 21, 2022

Banker Wire S-32 Brass wire mesh installed like cabinet screen at Brasserie Deck in Stockholm Sweden

Brasserie Deck, Stockholm's newest neighborhood restaurant, we have had the privilege of manufacturing metal mesh in braided solid brass for the architect's stylish interior. The Banker Wire S-32 brass mesh is featured as a front cladding for their bar counter that runs along the entire restaurant and ends with a rounded bar counter with rolled metal mesh. Pahlfer, Banker’s representative in Sweden, provided this bold interior design choice matches the modern style of the restaurants menu and atmosphere.

Brasserie Deck is a modern brasserie that is Liljeholmskajen's newest neighborhood pub. Their ambition is to become a natural and lively meeting place for all residents in the immediate area. Brasserie Deck is located on the ground floor of one of Stockholm's highest skyscrapers, right by the popular quayside. Brasserie Deck offers a magnificent view of Årstaviken while you enjoy modern cooking with a focus on seasonal ingredients.

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