New Project: School of Visual Arts

Banker Wire Surrounds Open Air Student Lounge on Urban Rooftop

March 10, 2022

For this high-rise dormitory, the 7th-floor terrace is a place of relaxation. Laurence G. Jones Architects had the charge of providing an enclosure that was attractive and secure. With the help of Taurino Management and Rose Railings, the team installed a new barrier, featuring Banker Wire’s SJD-2 as wire mesh railing infill panels with angle iron framing.

A student lounge for the School of Visual Arts occupies this lofty patio. As a place for artists to take a break, the rooftop area needed to be safe and inspiring. Per zoning codes, the previous barrier, a 7-foot tall glass enclosure, was unable to extend. Allowed a 50% open area for the new structure, the architect opted for half-height black paneled walls with stainless steel railings at the top. The decorative wire mesh of the railing infill panels enhances the fence-like walls. With Banker’s angle iron framing, the material provides both security and visual appeal.

“Being the School of Visual Arts, the aesthetics and design impact were critical to the selection,” states Laurence G. Jones of LGJA. “SJD-2 was chosen because of its elegant pattern. The stainless steel finish has a beautiful effect in the light but will also have the most longevity and the least maintenance.”

This architectural wire mesh pattern consists of a set of 18 wires that repeat over 15 inches. As a result, SJD-2 develops a visually irregular appearance. The organic shapes formed throughout the railing infill panels compliment the patio’s greenery. In addition, the solid lines and bright stainless steel pay homage to the surrounding urban landscape.

The unique design lends itself well to the creative atmosphere of the school. Though it adds its own visual appeal, the 70% open area of SJD-2 ensures that the qualities of a rooftop terrace, like natural light and a fresh breeze, are not lost.

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