Need A Lift at Casa Brasileira?

São Paulo | Brazil

April 21, 2023

Banker Wire M14Z-5 being used as space dividers and display panels in a restaurant

In the heart of Itaim Bibi, an architectural landmark in the most valued region of São Paulo redefines the concept of a high-end apartment: the Casa Brasileira Itaim. Casa Brasileira brings a vision beyond aesthetics and combines differentiated and exclusive design with functional architecture to become a unique and unreplicable icon in the city.

The Banker Wire DS-10 woven wire mesh was chosen in stainless steel because of the delicate and low bright weave pattern. The elevator wall panels span the full cabin height and width. Fabricators installed the customized wall panels over MDF substrate with stainless steel frames to add elegance to the interior design of the building lobby.

Joyce from 2 Cover, the Banker Wire representative in Brazil, mentioned, "Our client's architecture team asked us to propose a metal mesh pattern for the elevators that would fit the sophisticated, clean, and minimalist building architecture concept and social areas interior design. The DS-10 was the right choice." In addition to fitting the needs of the architectural concept, the Banker Wire woven wire mesh helps reflect lighting while adding a contemporary style that flows through the interior design.

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Banker Wire Rep: 2 Cover Revestimentos Especiais
Architect: PSA Architecture
Developers: Lucio Engenharia and Omar Maksoud
Customization Project: Carlos Rossi Architecture & Lucio’s Design Team
Fabrication: Varie Decoração de Elevadores
Photo: Raphael Briest