Manatee Technical Institute

Manatee Technical Institute

Bradenton, Florida, United States

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To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Manatee Technical Institute opened their new Main Campus facility in Bradenton, Florida. Featuring railing infill panels woven by Banker Wire, the Main Campus is a state-of-the-art facility that is home to post-secondary adult, career and technical education programs.

The space, designed by Fawley|Bryant of Sarasota, Florida, includes both metallic fixtures and bright design elements in primary colors. Their interplay produces an aesthetic that is simultaneously sophisticated and playful.

This aesthetic is epitomized by Banker Wire architectural woven wire mesh infill along the main lobby’s staircase and balcony handrail system. Banker Wire’s M13Z-345 architectural mesh was chosen for the project. The stainless steel woven wire mesh pattern is a substantial triple-shute weave that provides transparency without sacrificing strength and heft. M13Z-345 architectural mesh is composed of long, straight sections of horizontally oriented wire, woven together with tight groupings of three vertically oriented wires. The sleek, vertical triple wire bands run parallel to royal blue posts positioned every two panels. The posts’ bold color and matte finish contrast with the sleek metal mesh infill to add refinement and vibrancy to the interior.

When Fawley|Bryant designed the facility, their goal was to produce an elegant yet fun space that helped represent the school’s commitment to technical expertise and their welding and construction programs. The precision and detail of Banker Wire architectural mesh fit well with the desired aesthetic.

Project Designer:
Fawley | Bryant
Project Fabricator:
Seco South II
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