Baltimore Inner Harbor Building

Baltimore Inner Harbor Building

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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Baltimore Inner Harbor is a historic seaport and a high-traffic tourist attraction in the Baltimore, Maryland city area. A surrounding office building designed their rooftop outdoor space with a tranquil waterfall and greenery to give employees a place of escape every once in a while.

This rooftop fountain is surrounded by Banker Wire SZ-3 architectural wire mesh and is framed in a simple flat bar frame to show off the beautiful plant life and subtle decor. The SZ-3 woven wire pattern is very thin, strong and dense, yet provides structural security. The wire mesh fabric is easily coaxed into taking the radius of the circular platform without the need of heavy equipment or sophisticated tools. The pictures below clearly show the actual high-end performance of the SZ-3 as well as what effects the 27% open area actually has on visibility through the wire mesh screen.

Banker Wire utilized Wire Mesh Pattern: SZ-3 while accenting it with our exclusive embossed technology.  Highly defined facets in the crimped wire reveal a texture similar to an aligator skin.  The SZ-3 is very robust on the loom and can be woven in a wide range of alloys.  There are a number of secondary finishes that can be performed to bring out the full texture of the mesh.

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Precision Custom Metals
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