What’s New – A Letter from Dave Stout, President of Banker Wire

Speaker Paul Ryan's Visit to Banker

August 9, 2017

On behalf of every employee at Banker Wire, I would like to sincerely thank Speaker Paul Ryan for visiting our manufacturing facility last week. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to demonstrate for him what hard-working, passionate, and skilled workers can accomplish.

Speaker Ryan takes a genuine interest in manufacturing and that means so very much to Banker Wire because at the heart of the company are our employees. Their dedication, expertise, and hands-on approach to solving problems have made Banker Wire what it is today — a trusted, American manufacturer that settles for nothing but the best in product quality and customer service.

Banker Wire’s roots are founded on hard work and American ingenuity. That is how this 121-year-old company grew from just 4 employees in 1978 to 177 employees today. Quite simply, we cannot satisfy our ideals, or our customers, without our skilled workers. At Banker Wire, people and equipment combine to provide our customers with innovative wire mesh and value-based products to solve problems and exceed expectations.

Thank you again, Speaker Ryan, for taking the time to learn about Banker Wire and for putting the spotlight on our employees and the amazing things that they are doing for our company, and for America.


Dave Stout
President, Banker Wire