Banker Wire offers wire mesh in two types of Pre-Galvanized wire; “Regular coating” and trademarked “Galfan”. The term pre-galvanized means that the wire already has the zinc coating applied to it prior to the manufacture of wire mesh. This is different than “Galv-after” where the galvanizing is done after manufacturing in a tank of molten zinc. Also known as “Hot Dip” galvanizing, the entire finished product emerges from the molten tank fully coated with a layer of zinc.

Regular coating “Pre-Galv” wire is carbon steel which has been coated with a very thin layer of Zinc during the wire drawing process. Pre-galv wire is only slightly more expensive than plain steel wire, but offers improved corrosion resistance. Pre-galv wire is a great base material if considering a wire mesh with a powder coated finish in an exterior application.

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