Brass is an alloy that is made up of copper and zinc. Various brass alloys exist when the proportions of copper and zinc are changed. Anti-sparking characteristic makes this wire mesh raw material a good choice in and around sensitive combustible areas. Brass has a bright gold like appearance and is relatively resistant to tarnishing but will slowly turn to a greenish and brown color over time. Brass can be darkened or preserved with a clear coat by qualified metal finishers. As with all metals, finishing Brass to a specific color or characteristic is an art form and should be done through consulting an experienced metal finisher.

Brass Wire mesh in Architectural applications:
Brass wire is drawn bright and exhibits a gold like color. Brass has a subtle contrast woven together with Stainless Steel. Considered a “Living Finish”, the natural color change does occur quickly and depending on the environmental conditions, the end color will vary. In general, under exterior conditions in the presence of salt, moisture, and sunlight, Brass will transition from bright to shades of green, then brown patina. Because of the enormous range of Brass’s natural colors experienced through weathering, there are a number of coatings or chemicals that can be used to either speed up or slow down the process. Finishing brass to the desired color is an art and should be done through consulting an experienced metal finisher.

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