Quality and Testing

Banker Wire manufactures to a strict set of internal standards that guarantee the welded wire mesh is produced to the highest possible quality and consistency. Throughout each production run, panels are checked for dimension, squareness, and strength to ensure that every panel meets our standards and is exactly the same as the one before it. The two tests shown below are used to check strength characteristics of our welded wire mesh.

Torque Test: To ensure that there is a strong weld at each intersection, the operator will attempt to break that weld using a torque tool. The torque tool is calibrated per a set of internal standards but can also be calibrated to any requested standard. This test is performed at set intervals to verify consistency throughout the production run.

Weld Set-Down Test: Weld-Set Down is a percent reduction in the overall thickness of the two wire diameters being fused together with an electric current. This test is performed to make certain that our welding machinery is functioning properly and consistently throughout the production run. A digital micrometer is used to record and store the height of the welded intersections across the width of the sheet.

Torque Test

Weld Set-Down Test