Edge Conditions

Banker Wire Welded Wire Mesh has two standard edge conditions: trimmed and untrimmed.

Trimmed: When ordering welded wire mesh with Trimmed Edges, wire overhang will be 1/8" or less on three sides with Standard Heat Thumbnailing* on the fourth side. The final spacing around the perimeter may be reduced and balanced when necessary to stay within the dimension ordered.

Trimmed Wire Mesh Trimmed Wire Mesh

Untrimmed: When ordering standard Untrimmed Edges, the welded wire mesh will have approximately full tails. This means that the outer wire overhang will be approximately equal to that of the wire mesh spacing, with Standard Heat Thumbnailing* on the back side. The tail length can also be customized to suite applications as needed.

Untrimmed steel Mesh Untrimmed steel Mesh

* Standard Heat Thumbnailing often occurs when welded wire mesh is tightly spaced. Further explanation is provided in the next section.