Weathering Steel

Compared to plain steel, weathering steel contains a chemical composition that increases its resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Made to rust under the influence of weather, weathering steel develops a patina that acts as a protective layer to prevent corrosion of the steel. This material is suited for many applications in its unpainted condition. With time and consistent exposure to the elements, the weathering steel will go from a yellow-orange, to a deep rust orange color, to a dark brown.

Considerations when specifying Weathering Steel wire mesh:
Weathering steel is most commonly used in outdoor applications. It is important to note that since the protective patina that forms on weathering steel is rust, water runoff may stain adjacent materials such as stone or concrete. While the patina protects from corrosion, weathering steel does have its limits. In humid and subtropical climates it is possible that the rust patina may not stabilize and the steel could continue to corrode.