Using Wire Mesh for Space Dividers & Displays

Space dividers, also known as room dividers, are an attractive architectural solution to subdivide a large space into individual but interconnected areas. Subtle barriers can add privacy to an area while maintaining a sense of unity with the rest of the space. Retail displays often use a very similar design as space dividers, delicately separating areas of product to highlight each piece of merchandise in the best way possible. Many different types of material can be used for these applications, but wire mesh is being specified more often for its ability to add beauty and texture without overwhelming a space.

Decorative mesh can create both space and intimacy in space dividers and displays. The wide variety of patterns available from Banker Wire can create privacy without completely obstructing visibility. Each pattern’s transparency can be customized to fit the interior designer’s aesthetic; a lower transparency will section off areas and product more completely, while a higher transparency will add a delicate separation. Adding a modern, contemporary look to rooms, decorative wire mesh creates a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere, whether in a restaurant, shopping center, company office, or boutique. The organic texture of the architectural mesh can create an appealing backdrop for many applications.

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