US10B and US10A Finish for Wire Mesh

The richness of wire mesh woven in bronze, brass, and copper brings unmatched color and warmth to your project. Banker Wire weaves all copper based alloys in a natural "mill finish", "bare" condition. A secondary process must be introduced if the desired final finish is to be preserved in either a darkened (US10B) or satin (US10A) appearance.  

US10B: The US10B finish darkens the bronze, brass, or copper followed by a clear lacquer top coat (for interior applications). Our standard offering targets visually enhancing the texture of the wire mesh pattern by darkening the wire and then physically relieving the highpoints. 

US10A: The US10A finish physically removes the tarnish from the top layer of the bronze, brass, or, copper and seals it with a clear lacquer topcoat (For interior applications).

Maximum Dimension: 48"x96", larger dimensions may be possible.

Appropriate alloys:


Corrosion resistance: US10A and US10B will resist tarnishing only with the lacquer top coat application that is standard in the process. Otherwise, without the lacquer, the wire mesh will continue to change dependent on its environmental surroundings.  The standard lacquer topcoat is not recommended for exterior applications as it will not hold up to exterior elements and likely yellow and crack.

Special Considerations:  US10A and US10B are not coatings.  They are transformations of the existing base metal finish performed using a batch process. Deviations of color are inherent in these processes from job to job and no two metal finishers performing the same process are likely to arrive at the same color outcome.  The time in solution, the base metal and the humidity in the area are just a few variables that prevent two separate outcomes to be the same. If consistency and a targeted color is what matters most to you, consider a powder coat that mimics the color instead like Prismatic Powders "Oil Rubbed Bronze".