Hot Dip Galvanizing (Galv After) for Wire Mesh

Hot dipped galvanizing is a process where bare steel is submerged into a tank of molten zinc. Wire mesh that undergoes this process is termed as hot dipped galvanized wire mesh or galv-after wire mesh. The molten zinc covers all surfaces of the wire mesh and provides a long lasting sacrificial layer that protects the steel from corrosion in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. It should be noted that this process does introduce an extreme temperature transition with molten zinc at over 800 degrees to cooling back down to room temperature. Welded wire mesh on its own can handle this temperature transition because each intersection is welded throughout the grid. Banker Wire recommends that with woven wire mesh, this process only be performed after a frame has been fully fabricated around the wire mesh to add structural stiffness. This stiffness will counteract mesh warpage.

Appropriate wire mesh base alloys:

Plain Steel

Corrosion resistance: Wire mesh that is hot dipped galvanized will last for decades.  The exact longevity of corrosion resistance does vary depending on its application surrounding however, the zinc coating provides a superior, maintenance free condition.

Wire mesh and frame assemblies: Hot dipped galvanizing should only be done once all welding, cutting, or grinding has been completed.  Exposing any bare steel from the protection of the zinc layer will jeopardize the life of the product.