Wire Mesh Frame Options

Banker Wire is primarily a woven and welded wire mesh manufacturer.  We have over 100 years experience working with and understanding the product's unique physical characteristics. When the situation is appropriate, Banker can fabricate wire mesh panels for attachment to a structure. Using simple materials and strategies, having us provide a perimeter around the wire mesh can be very beneficial to the designer, contractor and installer. Choosing the right frame for the project starts with understanding the benefits of each frame style listed below. When the strategies presented below are not right for your project, we can put you in contact with our specialized industry partners that can provide more in-depth fabrication and installation options for you and your design goals.

What You Should Know

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Banker Wire is the world leader in mesh manufacturing.  We represent an invaluable resource within the wire mesh industry for design strategy and incorporating our vast range of products into a functional application. Banker can assist in choosing the right approach for mesh selection, frame style and mounting technique to meet design needs and performance standards. We can also recommend manufacturing partners to collaborate in many specific industries such as: Railings, Ceilings, Elevators, Signs and Displays, Vertical Surfacing, Facades, Awnings, Millwork and Grilles.

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