Versatile Spine frame with mounting tab
Versatile Spine
Customized Versatile Channel Frame Design
Versatile Channel frame with extended horizontal edge
M44-2 wire mesh framed in Versatile Spine Frame with mounting tabs
Versatile Spine with Hole for mounting in powder coated finish
Versatile Spine

Versatile Spine is a modern alternative to traditional framing strategies. Thin, strong, customizable, and created to work with glass mounting strategies, the Versatile Spine frame can be designed to any attachment or aesthetic requirement. Utilizing a three-layer laminate system, the wire mesh is welded to the center spine then sandwiched by two outer veneer covers. Typical starting widths are one inch, with a thickness comparable to that of half-inch glass. The Versatile Spine frame width and shape can be modified to suit nearly any residential or commercial application.

For larger spacing mesh patterns, the center spine is laser cut to receive each wire. The inside edge of the frame appears solid except for where the wire enters the assembly. For tighter spaced mesh patterns and slope-cut panels, a versatile channel assembly is used. The wires are still welded to a center spine, but away from view.

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Versatile Channel
Versatile Spine

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Versatile Spine - Channel with hole for stand-off mounting

What You Should Know

  • Versatile Spine or Channel is highly customizable in scale or shape.  The laser cut design offers unlimited options.
  • The Versatile spine gets its strength from center line out with the mesh welded to the center Spine.  The outer veneers are held on using VHB tape.  
  • Welding directly to the Spine is not recommended unless designed with horizontal or vertical "Extends".
  • The thin overall thickness allows for many glass mounting strategies.
  • Holes can be provided through the front face of the frame for mounting without jeopardizing strength integrity.

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