U-Edge Mounting System with tabs
U-Edge Mounting System in stainless
U-Edge Mounting System in powder coated finish
U-Edge corner detail in stainless steel
M22-80 wire mesh framed in U-Edge with tabs
M12Z-17 wire mesh framed in U-Edge with tabs
M22-27 wire mesh framed in U-Edge with tabs
M31Z-3 wire mesh framed in U-Edge with tabs
Banker U-Edge profiles

U-edge is the most common way to provide a safe and economical perimeter edge around a wire mesh panel. The Banker Wire U-edge framing material provides a finished look to any wire mesh perimeter. The clean and defined square edge, which is 13 gauge, 1.5” construction, is easy to work with and can be used as a framing solution for a wide range of wire mesh patterns and spacings.

Banker Wire offers completely fabricated wire mesh U-edge panels, or we can supply individual sticks of U-edge for you to fabricate the frame and finish on your own.

Banker Wire maintains inventory of both Plain Steel (HRPO) and T304 Stainless Steel (Mill Finish) for quick response. T316 Stainless and Galvanized are available through special order only. Various web dimensions are available (.2500", .3125", .3750", .4375", and .5000") to suit the wire mesh overall thickness and standard lengths are 120”.

Please contact us for other available options.

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What You Should Know

  • U-Edge is a roll formed channel that simply encapsulates the mesh around the perimeter.  This requires that the mesh being framed is self supporting in relation to the size of the panel
  • U-edge can be designed with or without custom mounting tabs, or we can provide a hole through the front face for a mechanical connection.
  • Weep holes in the bottom of the U-Edge are standard for exterior and powder coat finishing.
  • Banker will choose the correct web dimension that is most appropriate for the mesh being framed.  A tight fit is desired.
  • The thin overall profile allows for glass clips to be used for mounting the panel to the railing posts.

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