Laser Cutting Mesh
Laser cutting for specialty shapes
Plasma cutting for specialty shapes
Consistent wire mesh shear cuts
Wire mesh being cut on shear
Wire mesh circle cuts on laser table
Laser Cutting

Banker Wire utilizes a Mazak 4000W Space Gear laser table capable of 2-D or 3-D cutting operations. This high precision cutting tool has an operating envelope of 5'x10' that cuts through wire mesh, sheet metal or tube with ease. Central to the fabrication department, this machine is the go to tool for cutting wire mesh in high precision specialty shapes. The consistency of the wire mesh and the cutting accuracy of the laser table allows Banker to keep pace with even the most lofty of design visions.

Plasma Cutting

The 60" x 120" CNC plasma cutting table works through heavy wire mesh or heavy plate with speed and accuracy. The plasma cutting torch is Banker's cutting work horse when it comes to carbon steel and pre-galvanized coarse wire mesh shapes and sizes.

Shear Cutting

Banker wire has multiple power squaring shears used for precision cutting of all mesh types and materials. Our shears are capable of shearing mesh with wire diameters of .375" and up to 14' wide.

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Banker Wire Architectural Fabrication - Laser Cutting
Banker Wire Architectural Fabrication - Plasma Cutting
Banker Wire Architectural Fabrication - Shear Cutting

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