Art & Signage

Over the years, metal has become an increasingly popular medium for art and signage. It is a flexible and transformable material, lending itself well to different processes like shaping, cutting, and secondary finishes. Metal materials such as wire mesh can be beautiful and elegant, or it can appear rough and distressed, depending on the vision of the designer. While many types of metal are commonly used in installation art and a wide variety of signs, decorative wire mesh is coming into its own as a unique and appealing medium.

Decorative metal mesh is a perfect choice for both daytime and nighttime advertising as well as art. When used extensively or as an accent in a sign, the surrounding light reflects off the high points of the wire mesh, giving the sign attention-grabbing qualities. In art and art installations, decorative mesh is an inspiring material, giving an artist both positive and negative space, as well as unique geometric shapes to work within their piece. Wire mesh is often utilized in visual compositions as a transparent metallic skin to draw the eye and capture attention. Banker Wire woven wire mesh has been used in everything from delicate jewelry and simple wall art to large scale public installations. Decorative mesh is a versatile material, the limits of whichset only by the designer’s mind.