Ceilings have been viewed as a space to add a creative, lavish flair to any type of building. The drama of a beautifully embellished ceiling can impress and inspire those who walk under it. More recently, modern design embraces wire mesh for ceilings as a way to convey either vastness or intimacy while adding a bit of luxury to a space. Decorative wire mesh is an increasingly popular choice for ceiling design.

To add both texture and an artistic element to a ceiling, many architects choose to work with decorative mesh. Each wire mesh pattern is visually stunning while being sustainable and durable. Wire mesh establishes texture and movement through a room, working seamlessly with lighting design to produce a welcoming and luxurious feeling. Layering decorative wire mesh on a ceiling can create a unique visual as intriguing as the other elements of interior design in the space. With such a wide range of decorative wire mesh patterns, Banker Wire can readily assist in finding a pattern that would best suit the design.