In many architectural applications, canopies are used to provide varying levels of shade and shelter from weather conditions like rain, hail, and snow. Architectural canopies can also be purely aesthetic, giving a sense of luxury or artistry to a pedestrian area. From fabric to metal, a canopy can combine many different materials to suit the intent of its designer. From purely aesthetic to functional, decorative wire mesh can make a special addition to any canopy design.

Decorative wire mesh is an excellent choice for canopies, and Banker Wire has developed a vast range of patterns to suit almost any project’s requirement. With decorative wire mesh as part of a canopy, pedestrians are given protection from the sun while still allowing light to pass through. What’s more, interesting shade patterns develop as a result of light filtering through the mesh, creating points of interest for those who find shade beneath the canopy. Banker Wire decorative wire mesh comes in a wide range of densities that can be customized to suit the designer’s concept. With its extensive array of decorative mesh designs, Banker Wire can easily find a pattern that complements the aesthetic of any project.