Parking Garage

Parking garages are a necessity in urban design and need to be secure, well-ventilated, and economical to the best of the designer’s ability. However, some designs call for elaborate and decorative elements that can come in many different forms. From utilitarian to a unique aesthetic, parking garages come in all varieties, and wire mesh is oftentimes the material of choice.

For parking garages, Banker Wire’s decorativewire mesh serves as security as well as improving ventilation. When specified to do so, wire mesh can aid in protecting the contents of parking garages while allowing air and light to flow freely through the space. Banker Wire can customize any wire mesh pattern to fit the exact specifications of the architect. Decorative mesh can provide not just the functionality that parking garages require, but wire mesh can also deliver a beautiful aesthetic to match any vision. No matter the size of the project specifications, Banker Wire’s wide range of wire mesh patterns and customization options make for the perfect choice.