Millwork & Cladding

Traditionally, millwork is a term that relates to any exposed wood in a finished building, such as cabinetry. While custom wood cabinets are beautiful, from time to time, they may need a little extra ornamentation to fit with the aesthetic of their surrounding area. The combination of metal against wood draws out the beauty and warmth of wood with the coolness of metal. Decorative wire mesh used as cladding, also known as surfacing, utilizes very similar techniques to add texture and intrigue to elevator cabs, office lobbies, furniture, and many other applications. Decorative wire mesh can cover an entire surface, or just part of one to create any look the designer desires.

Banker Wire prides itself on being a versatile decorative mesh manufacturer for many different clients and projects all around the world. Woven wire mesh as part of millwork or cladding makes a striking impression in commercial and residential spaces. The fundamental composition of ornamental wire mesh patterns has a creative fluidity to it that allows the wire mesh to fit both bold and delicate arrangements. In addition, wire mesh is a robust material that can withstand the rigors of high traffic areas. With such wide variety of patterns, Banker Wire can find a design to complement any space, both modern and traditional.