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Woven Mesh

Banker Wire manufactures the highest quality Pre-Crimped Woven Wire mesh. Pre-crimped wire mesh differs from Plain weave material in that the individual wires are run through a crimping process prior to mesh assembly. Our high speed crimpers use precision cut crimping wheels that shape each wire to accommodate intersections on an infinite number of mesh specifications. Without a defined crimp, Plain woven material lacks consistency and shape which makes it difficult to work with. It can also lead to lost time and money for the customer.
The fundamental Banker Crimp styles listed below are the basis for consistent high quality rigid wire cloth. In addition to more than 900 existing tools, Banker Wire is able to design and cut new wheels in house within 36 hours. Our endless combination of Crimp, Spacing, and wire Diameter allows the customer to select a mesh that provides uncompromised results. Let Banker Wire create the right combination for your wire cloth needs.

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Crimp Styles

Plain Crimp

Plain Crimp - PL

Plain crimp (PL) is a simple zig zag crimp in which wires intersect at every available pocket.


Intercrimp - I3, I5, I7...

Intercrimp is a plain crimp with wire intersections occuring only at odd numbered frequencies.

Flat Top Crimp

Flat Top - FT

Flat top (FT) crimp creates a smooth top surface in which all wires are woven on a single plane.

Lock Crimp

Lock Crimp - LC

Lock crimp woven wire mesh yields material with superb dimensional stability.

Triple Shute

Triple Shute - TS

Triple Shute is a specialty crimp style that creates maximum open area.



There are times when multiple fundamental crimp styles need to be combined.

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